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High performance machines with advance cooling system to avoid heating.


Machines are ready to use. Just plug and connect to the pool with credentials

Low Power Consumption

With the help of our Engineers and Innovators, high tech as been implied to ensure minimal power consumption

About MuxMiner Inc.

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MuxMiner series is an  environment-friendly, high-quality cryptocurrency miners with minimal energy consumption system. MuxMiner INC was founded by several of the digital currency industry’s earliest players, and their team is comprised of passionate and pedigreed engineers, financial experts, and Bitcoin enthusiasts.Now MuxMiner INC has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.

As a chip designing and production company, we have completely designed processes and independent core technology. The core technology includes algorithm, fine optimization of integrated circuit micro-structure, low power technology, advanced chip packaging technology system level power and cooling technology.

 These core technologies and engineering methods have been successfully validated and applied in the mass production of our block chain server chips and products.

Its design intends to deliver all the advantages of high-quality cryptocurrency mining whilst ensuring a minimal energy consumption system a challenge most GPUs and other mining options encounter.

Asides from the series low power consumption due to the MuxMiner Enhance Energy Saver System, each machine is equipped with a 7nanometer Chip, self-cooling system, wireless (Wi-fi) / Ethernet network connection, noise reduction, and regulated operating humidity with PSU included.




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